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Matrixx® – An Intelligent Lighting Platform

Interact with the elements of the Matrixx® infographic to find out more about our Intelligent Lighting Platform.


Matrixx® is a disruptive technology designed to be Efficient, Intelligent, Adaptive & Future Proof

  • Australian Made
  • Designed by data-driven analysis
  • Cutting-edge light shaping technology
  • Intelligent bidirectional communication
High quality light with industry best efficiency of less than 1 watt per m2

Matrixx® Intelligent Lighting

  • Industry best efficiency less than 1 watt per m2
  • Matrixx® SmartFlector® produces a shaped beam that places light only where it’s needed
  • High efficiency – means high light output at minimal power

Conventional LED

  • Typical symmetrical light distribution – places light where you don’t need it
  • More luminaires required to eliminate dark areas
New insights, alerts and warnings drive performance and lock in savings

With Matrixx®energy use and cost is reduced and the lifetime extended

  • Intelligent bi-directional communication
  • Maximises system life and energy savings
  • Real-time system status, analytics and reporting
  • Data control through Cloud Konnekt ensures optimal performance today and long term
Optimised for each site to maximise performance
  • Single Plug and Play cabling that connects the entire system
  • Pre-terminated cables for a simpler and faster system deployment and hassle free maintenance
  • Provides flexibility to meet site and operational changes
Built for tomorrow's technologies
  • Built on a world leading industrial internet of Things platform (IIoT)
  • Maintainable, serviceable, upgradable and extendable

Matrixx® Intelligent Lighting Platform

Matrixx® is a disruptive technology designed to be efficient, intelligent, adaptive and future proof. Designed by data driven analysis, the efficiency of the light is optimised using cutting edge light shaping technology and high efficacy. Combining this with intelligent wireless communication with sensors creating genuine 2 way control, maximising system life and minimizing operating costs. The real time analytics provides intuitive warnings and alerts creating increased control.

The design incorporates every stage in the lifecycle from easy instillation to reprogrammable control gear and replaceable components that makes the lifespan indefinite. No longer do you have to replace the whole system when one part fails.

Matrixx® represents much more than globes and switches. It offers commercial opportunity and combined with our innovative financing models, it comes with minimal financial expenditure and reduces risk.

Case Study

“Lighting can represent at least 25–50% of a site’s energy use” Linfox Sustainability Manager, Bo Christensen The challenge Australia’s largest producer of biscuits, Arnott’s, required a full lighting upgrade to its Virginia distribution centre in Queensland. The purpose of the upgrade was to deliver substantial energy savings while maintaining optimal lighting levels for workers at … Read more

Intelligent lighting solutions for your business

Vivid Industrial is an intelligent lighting turnkey solutions business partner. We offer solutions to suit your lighting, cost and energy efficiency needs.

Lighting systems have evolved from traditional manufacture and supply to now requiring complex electronics. This has led to a disjointed supply chain that can result in poor integration and performance. This costs businesses time and money.

Vivid Industrial has developed a unique system that combines all the elements required to create a state of the art lighting system with unrivalled energy efficiency. By investing in Vivid Industrial you are investing in a complete lighting solutions partner.

  • Lighting design
  • On-site training
  • Technical lighting advice & specifications
  • Monitoring & reporting tools for lighting and energy use
  • New build or retrofit projects
  • Maintenance & support
  • Installation project management
  • Consultation & project management
  • Luminaire technology development
  • Multi-stakeholder management
  • Lighting application engineering
  • Financing options

World class lighting technology

At Vivid Industrial, we know that businesses are different. This means that technological and operational requirements differ. That’s why we provide world-class luminaires and intelligent lighting controls to suit a range of business and site needs.

Our core technologies are designed for industrial and infrastructure businesses such as warehouses, distribution centres, cold storage facilities, ports, stadiums and
multi-deck car parks.

Reduce total cost of ownership

High quality, intelligent lighting provides real value to businesses. In understanding your business and operational requirements, we customise a lighting solution that aims to strike the optimal balance between reducing your total cost of ownership and improved light output quality. Our lighting solutions and technical advice could help you to reduce upfront costs (equipment and installation) and operational costs (energy usage, maintenance and disruption or down time).

Save & Share® is Vivid Industrials unique Lighting-as-a-Service offering, which is an agreement with a customer to sell LIGHT an agreed predefined level set by Work Health & Safety (WHS) and particular customer requirements, fully maintained and paid as an agreed monthly subscription basis over an agreed term.  Offering advanced monitoring & data analytics, the offered commercial model is a disruptive approach to traditional lighting ownership, removing upfront capital requirements to purchase new energy efficient lighting systems.

Save & Share® Benefits

  • Depending on the agreement, an opportunity for the customer to share in the energy savings realised from the new energy efficient lighting system.
  • Provides advanced monitoring & data analytics to provide a range of other value added services to customers.
  • Disruptive Approach to traditional lighting ownership removing upfront capital required to take advantage of new energy efficient lighting systems
  • The system is Fully Maintained over the duration of the term of the contract, ensuring lighting is always available when required
Save & Share®

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