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Lighting the way to efficiency

The Challenge:

The Mercedes-Benz warehouse site is a 70,000m2 marque site in Laverton Victoria comprising warehouse, office, hardstand and awnings. The site, owned and developed by the Goodman Group, is leased to Mercedes Benz and operated by DB Schenker. The site required an upgrade to its existing lighting as well as new lighting for a 6000m2 extension.

The original warehouse was lit using 350W Metal Halide high bay lights operating from 5:30am to 8:30pm weekdays, where lighting represented 88% of the site energy use. In this busy site, poor lighting leads to a decrease in productivity and drop in revenue. It was crucial that instillation was completed as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to operation – especially as the operator is contracted on performance based KPIs.

The Action:

In order to better understand the benefits of the Matrixx® system, a baseline study was completed over 6 weeks. This was the basis of comparison of savings achieved with the Matrixx® system. A detailed site layout using the Matrixx® Intelligent lighting system with a bi-directional Cloud Konnekt™ interface was proposed for this site.

Due to the plug and play architecture of Matrixx®, installation was competed in under 2 weeks with no disruption to operations.

In order to ensure productivity, a key component of the project was improving lux levels. This was achieved with a 70% increase in average night time light levels. As well as the significant increasing light levels, there was also an 87% reduction in measure energy use. This illustrates the extremely high efficiency of the Matrixx® system compared to metal halide high bay lights.

Further savings were delivered through maintenance benefits. The Matrixx® system has no maintenance costs for over 10 years due to its service life. When combined with operational control, including daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors, the lifetime of the system and savings continues to grow.

The Result:

Our data analytics and dashboard platform called Klarity™ provided a deep insight into the operational efficiency of the intelligent lighting platform.

Key Statistics:

  • 87% reduction in measured energy
  • 440,000 MWh estimated annual energy savings
  • 70% improved average night time lux levels
  • 341 Tonnes reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions
  • Over $60,000 annual electricity saving
  • Savings of 94% achieved
  • Exceeded proposed benefits



Case Study

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