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Woolworths Larapnita RDC

Lighting the way to efficiency

The Challenge

The Woolworths Larapinta RDC (Reginal Distribution Centre) is located in the Brisbane metropolitan area in Queensland Australia. The primary facility is a 75 000 m² of ambient and refrigerated warehouse, including a Mezzanine comprising of pickling tunnels over 3 levels covering approximately 1/3 of the site. Picking tunnels allow increased storage density and cubic space utilisation while also providing a challenging low bay lighting requirement.

Given the long operating hours and low occupancy in the tunnels, sensors are crucial in achieving maximum energy savings. The extremely narrow and low ceiling height of picking tunnels means light shaping is essential. Furthermore, quality lighting with the correct colour temperature and minimal shadows helps improve productivity and worker safety. In addition occupancy control is made more complex given robots operate in aisles, therefore sensors need to be able to differentiate between robots and humans.

In this busy site, poor lighting leads to a decrease in productivity and drop in revenue. It was crucial that quality light with no flicker or glare was installed as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to operation.

The Action

Vivid Industrial’s custom “Plug & Play” lighting platform provided a site specific lighting system based on low glare indirect LED luminaires.  This enabled cost efficient replacement of the incumbent lighting system without impacting adversely on normal operations.

Vivid Industrial designed and replaced 3510 Fluorescent light fittings with 3406 linear LED luminaires. The linear LEDs were connected with 39 custom BB cabling looms totalling almost 4km as well as all the associated hardware. The increased number of luminaires helped to reduce shadows and improve maintained lux levels.

The Result

Despite the increased number of lights, even without occupancy control, the luminaires were able to achieve 74% energy saving compared to the old lights. After occupancy control was added, energy savings increased to 94%.

The luminaires have an operating life of over 50,000 hours which reduces the need for regular lamp changes and lowers maintenance costs. This combined with the energy savings, reduced the total cost of ownership by $170,000 per annum.

  • 50% improvement in light level
  • Energy savings of 94%
  • $170,000 saved per annum
  • 1363 tonnes of GHG saved per annum
  • Safer working environment by improving light quality (No Flicker – No Glare – Excellent Colour Rendering)
  • Overall luminaire life increased to +50,000 hours (before control savings applied)
  • Reduced maintenance costs by eliminating regular lamp changes

Case Study

“Lighting can represent at least 25–50% of a site’s energy use” Linfox Sustainability Manager, Bo Christensen The challenge Australia’s largest producer of biscuits, Arnott’s, required a full lighting upgrade to its Virginia distribution centre in Queensland. The purpose of the upgrade was to deliver substantial energy savings while maintaining optimal lighting levels for workers at … Read more