Sydney Ports manage and develop port facilities and services to cater for existing and future commercial shipping needs in Sydney Harbour. Since 1995, Sydney Ports has pursued a vision to add value to all aspects of Sydney’s port operations at Sydney Harbour, Glebe Island, White Bay, Port of Eden and Port of Yamba.

With Vivid Industrial, Sydney Ports completed an LED floodlight upgrade to improve light quality and lessen glare and light pollution.

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  • Increased light level by 100%
  • Improved light quality, less glare & no light pollution
  • Reduced maintenance & improved control


Energy Savings 100% more light

  • Luminaire
    400W LED Floodlight
    200W LED Floodlight

  • Annual kWh Saved
    25,000 kWh

  • Annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
    24.4 t CO2-e

  • 65% reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions